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Restorations / Re: Williams Strato Flite Reconditioning
« Last post by Strangeways on June 22, 2017, 08:06:00 PM »
A real find with this game was the condition of the original documentation. Everything was intact !

Playfield reassembly complete.

Lit up and being tested

Backglass is perfect !

Game complete and ready for the new owner (pickup up and been in it's new home for a couple months at least !)

Inside the cabinet and mechanical sections ;

Final outdoor shots of the finished machine !

There were a few teething issues and the first Transformer I've ever seen died - Thanks to Daniel for his spare that he had which worked perfectly !

Definitely a FUN game and challenging as well !
Pinballs wanted / Re: Whitewater Wanted
« Last post by Pinballer on June 22, 2017, 06:25:56 PM »
Well done, it's a great game. I put an NOS playfield in my 1st one, sold it a few years later to fund a new game purchase. Regretted it almost instantly and had to find another. This one won't be leaving.
Pinballs wanted / Re: Whitewater Wanted
« Last post by spacejam0 on June 22, 2017, 06:55:53 AM »
Great stuff now where is our picture?
Pinballs wanted / Re: Whitewater Wanted
« Last post by pinnies4me on June 22, 2017, 05:31:11 AM »
Well done enjoy!
Meets & Gatherings / A thing I helped out on this weekend
« Last post by Spanky on June 21, 2017, 11:49:19 PM »

Hi y'all,

I haven't logged in here for ages, but I'll soon be asking you loads more questions!

In the meantime, here's a video of a thing I helped out on last weekend.  Sadly only one EM there I think...
Pinballs wanted / Re: Whitewater Wanted
« Last post by Cow Corner on June 21, 2017, 06:43:40 PM »
Picked a nice one up today after lots of searching.
It was worth the wait!
* Update at this stage is that I have fixed the Right Ramp Top Flasher Light (discovered a wire had been dislodged from the plastic plug)
* And I may have discovered a possible clue relating to the 'CHECK SWITCHES' alert for #34 and #35. I cross-referenced with the Switch Matrix Grid Chart in the game manual and it has those two 'Not Used' switches associated with the Grn-Blk wires (on the Drive column).

I then searched through the wiring under the playfield and discovered some of that associated wiring may have been tampered with by the previous owner.

i.e. as can be seen in the attached pic, there are three Grn-Blk wires soldered together (with no insulation) plus also another single Grn-Blk wire looks like it has previously been slotted into a plug but now isn't (some tape had been put over the area where it had previously been attached).
I have also included a pic from further away so any X Files owners can see the location of the wiring in question, and can maybe have a look under their playfields for me to double-check how it should be?

Many thanks for anyone who can assist.
Best regards,
~ Mick

After some perseverance I was able to enter into the Diagnostics section of the Service Menu function and did a thorough testing procedure including lamp test, coil test and switch test. I will write the results here in the hope that someone with tech experience can see what's going on and point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

* when initiating some of the single lamps, one of the pop bumper lights comes on at half power?

#13 'Bonus Times 2' (Yel-Grn : Red-Blk) also lights the Bottom Pop Bumper
#14 'Bonus Times 4' (Yel-Blu : Red-Blk) also light the Right Pop Bumper
#29 'Double Jackpot' (Yel-Grn : Red-Yel) also lights the Bottom Pop Bumper
#30 'Extra Ball' (Yel-Blu : Red-Yel) also light the Right Pop Bumper
* in total I've identified 12 cases of this and it is always a pattern of a consecutive two
* another thing to note is that the #52 Top Pop Bumper light (Yel-Blk : Red-Vio) has never worked since I purchased the machine (even after I installed the new bulb)

* the Right Ramp Top Flasher Light does not work (even after bulb replacement)
* when the #F6 Flash Rt Ramp Top is tested, the Rt Ramp Bottom Flasher goes on instead
* when the #F7 Flash Rt Ramp Bottom is tested, nothing lights 
* another thing to note is that even though both of the Left Ramp Flasher Lights do not work during gameplay but they do work in test mode.

* when going into this testing mode it is nearly impossible to see whats going on as it goes crazy with the options cycling through fast (maybe due to one of the  switches being stuck on or some other kind of glitch or cross-wiring situation?
* After a while of watching the various switch matrix diagrams cycling across the display there is one that keeps showing up as the culprit but it says #95 (Grn-Gry : Wht-Vio) NOT USED

* I was also able to enter into another diagnostics section of the service menu titled Dr Pinball TECHNICIAN ALERTS:
An alert comes up as 'CHECK SWITCHES'
#46 Magnet Opto

And the other alert comes up as 'SWITCH STUCK OPEN'
Pinball Repairs / Problems & Assistance / Re: Gottieb Totem project
« Last post by ScottoKong on June 20, 2017, 11:16:41 PM »
Got the old girl up and running with only a couple of issues.
Some repinning and a couple of new diodes will hopefully sort my Vari-target issues.

My biggest issue is the drop tqrgets not resetting.
Thinking the issue is mechanical.
In test mode with the playfield up everything fires and will consistently reset properly when 5 of the 6 targets are down.  All six wont get there.... with 6 down none manage to reset.
Playfield down I can only get it to reset 3 targets.

Got New coils each around 23v.

Had it apart. Cleaned. Everything moves freely.
Longer springs on the targets.... shorter ones to the frame.

Just seems like there is too much friction with the targets.
Ive played with the coil depth without any noticable change.

There is some play in the links to the plungers. Cant find them in Oz... part A-262 from memory.
What am I missing? Its driving me nuts!!!!
Restorations / Re: Gtb Pop A Card restore
« Last post by Crashramp on June 20, 2017, 06:47:29 PM »
Huge amount of work there, it's looking great.
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