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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #75 on: May 09, 2013, 09:52:37 AM »

That annoys me too Mike, but I can understand why it was implemented, when someone posts an opinion that starts a debate or arguement, then the person goes back and changes their initial comment it loses all its context, and that shits me way more.

it wasn't implemented for that reason, but that might be seen as a useful byproduct.
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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #76 on: May 09, 2013, 09:58:09 AM »
Back on topic

What we DO KNOW, is several members have decided to leave AP, or not contribute as actively as they did in the past. We want to know if it is because of the forum direction - which for the last 2 years, has changed. Maybe the Forum has not changed with the times ? The software is circa 2008 ! Maybe this forum DICTATED the hobby for a while, but that is no longer the case ?

I sure hope those members that are still floating around discuss this, I have talked to a couple but wont go into their reasons so I dont incriminate anyone here

What has not changed is the forum Software. This is now a MASSIVE undertaking that has to be outsourced. There are technical challenges ahead that have risks associated and costs involved. Is it worth it if members are leaving or don't want to participate ?

I dont find this an issue, it works, not worth the trouble of updating, unless there are real tangible benifits.  Especially if members are leaving

Then there is my obvious "conflict of interest" - as one of the originators of AP, as the biggest spammer on AP, as a Commercial Business on AP. Is this "arrangement" affecting AP ? Is it time for me to move on ? As some are aware, the hours Nick and I put into the running of the site are massive.

I don't have a problem with this, other forums have people running businesses inside, we are not getting bombarded by advertisement of your business, other people also run businesses inside the forum, and all are free to advertise a website link on our home page for free, something that you have not even done.  I see you always supporting people to have a go themselves, never have you suggested they send it to you so you can profit from an issue they have.

Is this worth the effort - Should we just forget about it and shut shop. Is the site redundant ?

It is definately worth the effort, I think despite a few of our differences we can all get something out of this site

Are people still enjoying AP as they did 2 - 3 years ago. Should we go back to our roots ?

Honestly I am not enjoying the site as much as I did 4-5 years ago, it would be nice to go back to our roots, but I can't see how that would be possible, as it would alienate some people

Should we be investing MORE sections into the NEW manufacturers / Stern / JJP ?

Definately not, there is plenty of info out there for the new guys, sure single threads on discussions about new games is fine, but this is a restorers site, I find bombardment of all things Stern a real turn off

Aussie Pinball is still good but it was great.

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #77 on: May 09, 2013, 11:12:44 AM »
What I like about Aussie Pinball, is the fact that its a PINBALL site, not a restore only site.
The fact that the forum encompasses ALL THINGS pinball, and not just restores is what makes the site great.
You only have to look at the stats page to see that there are many many things with 5 times the views than only restores.
I reckon the site has gone from good to great because of this. Massive increase in new member numbers each month and
the amount of posts has risen to a very high level in all categories every month for the past few years.

The site is now a PINBALL site, not just a restore site imo. The site has moved with the times which is smart.
It still all gets back to the popular and accepted attitude, if you dont like a thread or post don't read it.
Theres a great section to read here on AP for everyone and anyone. Adding more sections would not be good.
I thought each n every area of the pinball industry was covered exceptionally well already.

Is the site going to start the donation thing again which was a great idea when it was around in previous times ?

What about if the site held a competition every month or two. Say a member, or members donated a new Stern translate, or something else for older games, and the best gamesroom photo posted won a prize ? something fun to get new members posting ? too many people as guests everyday (looks like guests make up apx 70 percent of logged in users). Something fun to encourage new members to post. Anyone else got any good fun ideas for the site ????
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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #78 on: May 12, 2013, 09:29:05 PM »
I can’t help myself; I have to speak up for all the novices, like myself. Sorry for the rant!
Being a 40+ Englishman (no pins where I grew up), I stumbled across pinball only a couple of years ago. Buying my first EM pin, I spent many hours googling for pointers on repairs, most were from American web sites, but then I stumbled across AP. Going back through old posts late as 2008, I learnt heaps and finally got her working.
I don’t remember all the names of the member’s posts, but reading through the treads, these members answered many (maybe stupid novice) questions with help and assistance, as far as I know, that was the whole point of having a forum, to help and assist others passionate about this hobby.
Working on Poker machines for the last 20+ years (board jockey in the early days), I finally learnt to diagnose common faults (sometimes as simple as a 20 cent component  replacement)  and then made sure, all the other technicians were notified of these simple ‘on-site’ component changes, would not turn them into ‘board jockeys’). Passing on knowledge!  If certain members with many years of pinball knowledge are leaving, this will be a hugh loss and can I ask, if they are not contributing knowledge anymore, how are we novices going to learn and bring back to life a pin 30+ years old? Please don’t take that knowledge to your grave!
Website software upgrades. I know nothing, so I won’t comment. I fully understand this site has to be funded somehow! I still don’t understand how posts with images can be made onto severs (storage) and who pays for this? It’s a pig of a job posting pic’s sometimes, but persistence prevails.  I’m happy with the current layout. I just click on the relevant topics I’m searching for. Discussions on new pinball’s, I just ignore sometimes, as I have no chance of every owning one, but is sometimes an interesting to read.
Don’t spit on your screen, but I am also a member on AA and the only option to upload many (200kb+) images, is to make a donation. I instantly made my donation, as I wanted to share any knowledge I might have learnt. Great info on AA, but I prefer AP, as I am only into Pinball.
Maybe you should, follow this line, even if every member makes a $5 donation once a year, pittance.
Now a perfect example of someone sharing knowledge. Tonight I posted a question on GTB SYS80 PSU and Homepin (Yes I know he is a sponsor) replied within 15 mins, with an answer. He never asked that I send him the board for repair; he pointed me in the right direction with his knowledge.
Hope everyone reading this, (especially the ones with the negative comments) remembers there is a new batch of younger (40+  ^&^) members would be lost without the wealth of information on this site.
That’s my 1 pence worth.

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #79 on: May 12, 2013, 10:00:54 PM »
Well said/ written

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #80 on: May 13, 2013, 12:40:53 AM »
"We originally created this forum because there was (and is) no other real place in Australia for people with genuine passion for the history of the game to swap information, restoration and technical help."

As someone who decided less than a year ago he wanted an EM or two these forums have:

*Given me ample ground floor advice on what to look for and what to avoid in an old machine

*soothed initial fears that I would end up with a dead machine that I couldn't fix.

* put me in touch with tech help in my local area

* assisted me to obtain parts from overseas

* put me onto Pinfest

*given me confidence to consider having a go at restoration as well as freely supply detailed knowledge on every little thing

* given me the opportunity to pick up some beautifully restored machines that have significant nostalgic value to me

* listened to me waffling on about my childhood

* made me feel included as part of a community

* gave me the confidence to recommend the hobby to others as something fun, satisfying and challenging

*ensured that at least one room in my house is chock a block full of E/Ms  $#$

*encouraged me to spend thousands of dollars within the industry with the view of spending thousands more  :D

Like many others have said, if I don't find the thread interesting, I move on. Most content here is worth a browse at least and is legible, literate and  informed. It's really nice to see that when someone here needs something, whether advice or bits and pieces, it's usually given freely and in the spirit of getting yet another old shitbox off the scrapheap and back where it belongs in the gamesroom.

APA is a huge asset to pinball. Do whatever is necessary to keep it that way.

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #81 on: May 14, 2013, 06:44:46 AM »
It just dawned on me a option that may suit everyone, but maybe a software limitation. This is a feature on pinside that is great for filtering the way they list all their threads. Yes I know something from another site but just an idea that could lead to something.

Have the same site layout but on one of the sides have an option list as per attached file but with the categories to suit AP. So if the guys only interested in the for sale section and the restoration section only - only the threads for those areas appear. This could be even be a profile setting so when you log on that is all that appears.

just a idea, don't shoot me  *.*

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #82 on: May 14, 2013, 06:54:31 AM »
I already suggested that idea but it got shifted to another thread.
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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #83 on: May 14, 2013, 06:59:36 AM »
so you did Freiherr, great idea, so shoot him if you don't like the idea  **&   %.%  kidding

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #84 on: May 20, 2013, 11:05:32 AM »
I don't spend as much time here as I used to. I'm not your target demographic, but I'm grateful that the site is here, and I enjoy it.

Old school pinballers are disappearing everywhere, not just here.

Not everyone picks up a hobby for life. Sometimes, their interests shift. Now, if you know certain people still enjoy pinball, but participate at other sites and no longer here, perhaps you could ask them why.

My personal collection is half the size it was 5 years ago. Had 3 kids, lost a job, got a new job.

There are a lot of aspects of pinball today that don't interest me. I enjoy wrenching and restoring, making a worn out machine look and play like new. Sterns don't interest me, because they don't need anything I have to offer. I think LEDs and non-original finishes (powder, chrome where it wasn't original, brass, etc) are awful and make machines look like poo. I have no interest in machines themed after musical groups or superheroes, with the exception of GNR. But, I have no problem with the hobby evolving and people who enjoy those sorts of things enjoying them. I imagine the people who absolutely adored EMs and understand them like the back of their hands thought the hobby was going a strange direction when SS games started rolling out.

I'll support the site regardless of what direction it takes, and enjoy it. Thanks for keeping it going!

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Re: The Future Direction of Aussie Pinball
« Reply #85 on: May 20, 2013, 02:06:57 PM »

Thanks for all the input from ALL members. When Nick recovers we will sit down and go through the suggestions. I've locked the thread as it has served its purpose.

I've split the last few comments so they can be discussed as part of their own thread - if need be. I have locked the thread - but if members want to discuss issues that may have been brought up, just let me know and I'll split off into it's own thread  ^^^

What we will be doing is looking at a site software upgrade or change of platform  ^^^
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