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Hey fellow pinbheads,

Just thought I'd post a picture of a new and much needed Data East pinball 128 x 16 LED display being manufactured by Jim @ the Boston Pinball Company. I ordered this a few weeks ago and it arrived earlier this week from the states. I'm a very happy collector now as this will finish off my Checkpoint project very well. The display looks very well made and is available in many colors. Jim can also provide you with a new EPROM for $10usd.

Here's some more details taken from a BPC ebay listing...

[img]Our new Display for use in Data East Pinball Machines
128x16 Dots

For use in Pinball Machines:
Batman, Checkpoint, Hook, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Replaces Data East Display P/N 520-5042-00

Advantages of our new displays:
All new parts.
Through hole PCB design for easy repair and long term reliability.
Removable LED panel for easy upgrade or future easy repair.
16x16 LED modules for nice straight alignment of dots.
Adjustable brightness.
White LED panel version which can be used with different color filters.
Note, colors on the way, this will be just a bit more in cost as the white LEDs are higher cost for us. Contact us for more info if you are interested.
Low voltage, no more problems with the High Voltage section on the machine power supply.

Additional notes, the Data East 128x16 display is different than the 128x32 display that is used in many other machines. It not only includes the driver circuits for the LEDs, but it also contains a power supply, a CPU (Z80A), memory, EPROM chip for display code, and additional circuitry to support all these. So some people ask why is this dispaly about the same price as the 128x32 LED display, well, those are the reasons, much more circuitry on the board.

Note: you will need the Display EPROM from your existing

display to install in the new display.

If you think your EPROM is bad, contact us

before ordering.
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Much needed great to see available
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Fantastic product. Glad to see these being remade.
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