Author Topic: Williams Star Trek Next Gen High End Restoration  (Read 418 times)

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Re: Williams Star Trek Next Gen High End Restoration
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:40:12 PM »
While rebuilding mechs I like to replace work, broken and obviously missing parts. The DT assembly was butchered, but I had the parts on hand to rebuild it except the Drop Target itself. The mech bracket and some parts had been through the tumbler, so the new parts looked the same.

Correct spring on the upper divertor ;

Then while fumbling around, I found the Drop target that was part of an original Williams "goody pack" that Greg brought back from the USA in 2010. Put to good use ! A cool story nonetheless.

New tension spring - and we are done !

New targets throughout the game, and I like to replace the jumper wires - using a better wire, but keeping with the same color.

Rebuilding the cannon assemblies is CRUCIAL on this game. What appears to be "good enough" is simply "not good enough" in my book. The only way to find issues is to look for them.

Just in case you missed it..

 :D :D

Replace the arm, and continue the rebuilt ;

New switches installed ;

.. and then on to the other side.

The cylinders have been through the tumbler, and they fit perfectly together with minimal friction ;

Above the playfield is starting to take shape ;

Very pleased with the progress..
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