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Aussie Pinball Sales and Services Charter
« on: December 08, 2008, 06:05:22 PM »
Aussie Pinball Sales and Services Charter



All Commercial Sellers, Private Importers and Parts Sellers that have been approved to have a section on the forum.

Commercial Seller

Business who's main function is pinball machine sales

Private Importer

Individual that has a Hobby Business importing Pinball machines. This covers individuals importing container(s) pinballs for profit.

1- Prerequisites for all Retailers

1.1 Must be a business holding and ABN, or satify the Administration that is a bona fide "hobbyist business".
1.2 Must have provisions to link to AP from their website (if the Retailer has a site).
1.3 Private Importers can apply for their own section by contacting either site Admin. Admins decide if the application is successful based on criteria such as eBay feedback, industry reputation and past sales to current members.
1.4 Generally prospective Retailers must have been operating for at least 3 years within the pinball industry.

2 - Benefits
2.1 Retailer is able to display a company/business logo as their avatar.
2.2 Retailer is able to add website address to signature. No other members that have competing businesses will be allowed to display their website address unless they become a Retailer.
2.3 All sales are subject to feedback through the trading section
3 - Commercial Seller and Private Importer Rules
3.1 Publishing pricing is optional. Links to auctions are acceptable
3.2 All Retailers MUST include their contact details in their introduction post in their section. Mandatory Email Address and either a Mobile number or landline must be clearly defined. Private Importers must include their real name, or if the Private Importer has a business name or trades through a company the business or company name must be included in their introduction post. If the Private Importer has an ABN associated with the Private Importer's activities then this must also be included.
3.3 Disputes: If in the opinion of the Admins the disputes reflect poorly prepared machines, undisclosed faults, or any other repreated issue showing the Retailer is failing to deliver machines as described or below an acceptable standard, the Retailer's right to advertise on the site may be removed at the discretion of the mods and no refund will be made of any fee paid.
4 - Other Sellers outside pinball machine sales and pinball parts (such as restoration services).

4.1 Sellers that sell items or supply services that are related to Pinball are welcome.
4.2 Sellers that wish to sell pinball related items may have their own section. They may promote their products, but they are not permitted to sell pinball machines or spare parts in competition with approved Retailers.
5 - General Rules
5.1 Respect for other Retailers - both within their respective sections and outside on the general forums.
5.2 No Anti competitive behavior - No two Retailers can list the same pinball machine titles or parts on special at the same time. Specials must have a period of expiry.
5.3 Site Admins have the last word on any disputes.
5.5 Members who own, are employed by, or were employed by a Commercial Business' that are not listed as approved Retailers are not permitted to discuss or promote that business and are not permitted to add that company name or logo to their profile.
5.6 Retailers with moderation rights will be responsible for the content of the section which they moderate and to ensure threads and posts meet the general rules of the forum. Administrators and General Moderators will not moderate those sections unless in relation to a post or thread reported for rule breach or other issue by a member.

6 - Fees
$52 per annum - $1 per week !

7 - Miscellaneous

7.1 Conditions within this document are subject to change at the Admin’s discretion
7.2 Admins have the final decision on Retailer’s applications
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