Author Topic: Thread moderating - Post scoring and tilt warnings  (Read 288 times)

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I give the whole idea the Foobar, leave it as it is
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Where I was coming from is in link to what you Pete, ant and caves have made statements of threads going off topic and you have to then sift through pages of rubbish. This is a tool for those posting in a thread to put a tilt warning to hide it and you can still view but allows reading through a thread a little easier.

Totally agree mate, there is heaps of shit in threads that you have to sort through, it would be great to hide them to allow people to read only new relevant info.

It would have been useful a few years back when one particular member used to post rubbish in threads that was just self justifying dribble, it actually was very bad for the forum as we lost a few good members that were positive contrubutors to the forum.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to prevent people getting upset with this particular way of 'individual moderating' of threads and it would only create huge headaches for our two moderators, who I must add are much appreciated