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Re: Ghost Squad - by Ben Heck
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2013, 06:37:59 PM »
This playfield art is just EXCELLENT. Very simple, but extremely effective. The shadow/silouhete people in black down the bottom, the ghosts wearing sunnys on each of the outlanes, the ghost up the top, all the other playfield art is very well thought out.

Then u look closely at the toys, mechanical n moving, like the door, the ghost up top, the ramps, the ball lift/lock, and all the other stuff, its an attractive proposition.

The ONLY negatives i see so far, from the players position, so far, u cant see the top right corner rollovers, or the top left pop bumpers, but a very simple fix, is to have the playfield backboard as a crystal clear angled mirror, and all instantly solved with some decent general illumination lights up there as well (someone send him my idea please).

This machine is coming along well. The cabinet art and translite art should be awesome-hopefully. Hope its something very close to the playfield art. If it is, I would seriously look at buying one for sure, just based on what i am seeing so far. The art on the playfield has sold me.  ^^^
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