Author Topic: Interesting new product on the market for game resets  (Read 1252 times)

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Interesting new product on the market for game resets
« on: March 14, 2014, 08:00:53 PM »
New product on the market -

Made in good ole USA by a small time hobbyist.

International customers have to buy through ebay.

Could be a panacea for game resets?

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just a bandaid treatment,in my view.
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Yes and no. It is a quick fix that seems to trick the MPU into thinking there is no underlying problem caused by the BR or Cap. Capacitors in these games are now well over their use by date. From a repair perspective, nearly every board I've had to repair with reset issues has been repaired by replacing the BR and Cap. BUT - while on the bench, I reflow the many cold solder joints and replace all the 15000mfd caps as they will be at the end of their useful lifetime.

So - Yes - it is a quick fix that covers the underlying issues. Good for owners with no technical background.

There have been other quick fixes in the past, but none seem to make the capacitors any younger  %.%
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Was this ever an issue with the games when they were new?

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Was this ever an issue with the games when they were new?

No, the power supplies and regulator circuits were adequate at the time - the passing years have caused the problem as Nino says, the parts are well past their use by dates - it doesn't help that a lot of people seem to add mods (dragging down the already strained power supply) with little or no knowledge as to exactly what they are doing and thus actually bring forward the issues in a lot of cases.
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