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[Tech Tip #11] Confirm Voltages.
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:28:12 PM »
Tech Tip #11 - Confirm Voltages.

This will seem *REALLY* obvious, but i think the absolute rule #1 of repairing gear is to CHECK THE VOLTAGES FIRST !!

If your power supply (or control boards) have missing voltages, or incorrect voltages then your pin is never going work correctly....

When measuring voltages on power suplpies and cards, make sure the voltages are reasonably accurate....
e.g. 4v is not good enough for a 5v supply, and 6volts likely to be worse.

typically 4.8 to 5.2volts is allowable for a 5v supply.

5volts is the most critical supply to be accurate as it powers the cpu (brain) and all logic & roms that allow your pin to bootup and run correctly...

12v is less critical as is usually runs lamp drivers etc, if it's a little low only the lamsp will dim, but it wont affect overall operation.

60v can be +/- a few volts either way, as it's pretty much controlling flipper and other solenoid coils...

high voltage supply (typically 110v to 130v, depending on machine) can also be +/- several volts, as it only supplies the high-volts to the glass vacuum scores and/or DMD display....
Note that the scores are also powered with 5v & 12v for the logic and digit decoding....

There will be other voltages, including negative supplies (-5v, -12v etc) and different manufactures will be using different supplies, so consult your manual for ACTUAL voltages to be measured.

Tech Tips are brought to you by me, and are aimed to assist beginners and advanced users.
Common sense is sometime so common that everyone ignores it ;-)

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