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Bally Dr Who High End Restoration
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:25:20 PM »
A collector that I've done a couple machines - just standard restorations, has taken the plunge with his "Holy Grail" - The Bally Dr Who. Much underrated title. Similar to the Addams I'm doing, this is a "NIB" (Nearly In Box) Restoration.

Condition report

Cabinet - Not too bad, but we are using the skills of Tim and Stu to make a new cabinet.
Playfield - 8/10 - A VERY nice example. Again, off to Tim for a Clearcoat.
Electronics - 8/10 - Honest boardset. No major dramas.

This is another long term project that has taken quite some time to gather all the necessary components to ensure the NIB standard we pride ourselves on. The ramps will be replaced with the Starship Fantasy Ramp Set. Colour DMD will be used and some more additional items as we progress.

Before pictures and teardown

OK Cabinet - But we are having a new one made for this restoration. But we will re purpose this cabinet for another project..

Playfield is removed as the cabinet had to be sent to Tim for final measurements on the new cabinet. So I have a bit of time to strip the playfield. Given I lost all my teardown pictures of the other Dr Who games I've done, I needed to document the process again.

The inserts in front of the time expander are ALWAYS a problem with significant wear. They are often sunken, or have the clear completely chipped out. Not this game. The playfield is excellent.

Time Expander mini pf is in really good shape.

Filthy !

Under the playfield - REALLY good condition.

I get asked this question A LOT - "how do you know where things go when you reassemble ? " - I take HUNDREDS of photos, of every angle, and measure out all the spacers etc.. The caliper comes in handy for this process. Patience and good record keeping provides a good reference. The only exception is Addams Family. I've done that many, I know where everything goes without photos !

Here is my left handed screwdriver, next to my right handed screwdriver..

One for 1/4 hex heads and the other is a phillips head.

Just the cable management parts left to remove.

Every single mech is reordered, rebuilt and then refitted.

All the parts are cleaned in the ultrasonic, and then tumbled first in a rough media tumbler and then for a final polish in a finer grade media tumbler. Anything worn or broken, is replaced.

While this is happening, look what arrives - The new cabinet, courtesy of Tim and Stu..

Just LOOK at those colours !

Stay tuned !

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Re: Bally Dr Who High End Restoration
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 09:55:07 PM »
 Maybe my comment in as conflict of interest  &&  but I'm really looking forward to this thread unfold. The pictures of the cabinet don't do it justice *.* () ^^^

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